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Our Team


Our team of accomplished attorneys boasts a unique combination of unwavering passion and unparalleled professionalism. Each member of our team is deeply committed to their work and possesses a genuine love for helping people overcome difficult legal challenges. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our attorneys have earned a reputation for excellence in the legal industry. They approach each case with meticulous attention to detail and a steadfast commitment to securing the best possible outcome for their clients. Their unwavering dedication to their craft is matched only by their unwavering dedication to their clients. They understand that navigating the legal system can be overwhelming and stressful, and they strive to provide compassionate and supportive guidance to every individual they represent. In short, our team of attorneys is made up of passionate, driven, and skilled professionals who are fully dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation to those in need.

Adri de Bruyn

Director | Attorney - LLB | Notary | Debt Counsellor | Mediator

Amy Beukes

Associate Attorney – LLB | Head of Correspondent Department

Marcel Rossouw

Associate Attorney – LLB

Robert McGregor

Candidate Attorney - BA | LLB | LLM

Rumbi Govah

Associate Attorney – LLB | Mediator | Senior Legal Manager

Tristan Smith

Associate Attorney – LLB